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Selah Theatre Project is celebrating Black History Month

Happy Black History Month from Selah Theatre Project! we are so honored and blessed to see another Black History Month in 2021! We wanted to offer a reminder to celebrate the wonderful artistry created by Black artists, as well as engage you in positive conversation. This conversation is about the importance of exposing or showcasing Black talent in the Shenandoah Valley and across the nation.

During February 2021, we are posting clips from different plays written by Black playwrights, poets and authors performed by our actors at Selah Theatre Project. We want to rejoice in the strength and power of Black artistry which has created change, motivation and inspiration. Be inspired today, no matter your race or ethnicity. Be encouraged to create.  Witness the creative accomplishments that were made for all of us to take part.  

So, let us pause and take a moment to celebrate Black Artistry...together. Please enjoy these performances. New performances will appear through the month of February as they are released. 

Happy Black History Month! 



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