Selah Young Artist Drama Academy provides non-competitive theatrical education in Front Royal, Virginia, promoting acting technique, self-esteem, personal growth, and cooperative spirit.



Parents, guardians, and students can expect that all faculty and staff will respect the well being of each student, treat her/him fairly, and encourage their growth and self-esteem as unique individual artists. Should any concern or issue arise, please do not hesitate to speak directly with faculty or the Artistic Director.

EXPECTATIONS AND ETIQUETTE  (Students and Parents, please read!)

Students are expected to respect each other, the faculty and staff,  the building and studios.
•   When using lobby/lounge, theatre, backstage and bathroom areas, students are expected to clean up after themselves. This includes throwing away trash, washing any dishes used, and packing up belongings.
•   As our studio is shared space, we ask that all students be aware that people of all ages are often present. Veteran students (and parents) be aware that they are setting the example for younger students.
•  Artists are to arrive on time and prepared for classes. This includes wearing closed-toe showes and hair pulled back.
•   Veteran artists are encouraged to arrive a bit early for class to begin warming up.
•   Consistency IS important! Plan your time wisely (homework, extracurricular activities, etc) so that you can attend all of your classes each week.
•   As a matter of respect for peers and the teacher, keep talking to a minimum during
class and participate fully in the lesson.
•   Cell phones MUST be left outside of the studios.
•   Leave bags, coats, and other personal belongings outside of the studios.
•   No food or drink is permitted within the studios except water.
•   Bring a labeled water bottle to the studio.
•   Gum is prohibited during class or in the studios.
•  Refusal to follow directions or respect their classmates may be asked to sit out of
class (Behavior Policy outlined below).


We are committed to educate our students, model behaviors, and help artists grow with love and respect in this program. If for any reason a student does not meet the expectations outlined above, Selah Theatre Project enforces a 3-strike policy with regard to students misbehaving at the studio – in or outside of class.
– Strike 1 is a warning; student is still able to participate in class.
– Strike 2 an in class time-out, student will be asked to sit to the side of the classroom and observe. The instructor will determine the length of time for the time-out.
– Strike 3 student will be asked to leave the classroom and sit in the office until class is finished. In the case of a Strike 3, the teacher will talk to both student and parent about behavior issues.


Students are to arrive with appropriate  attire and their hair pulled back. It is imperative that artists be able to move freely without inhibition.
Students may not wear the following items: sandals, flip flops, crocs, heels, dangling jewelry. If a student consistently arrives without proper attire, s/he may be asked to sit out of class.


Consistency among classes is important. Fundamentals and technique built over the course of both Fall and Winter Semesters are reflected in student confidence. It is encouraged and strengthened through the mastering of skill sets. Consequently, students are expected to enroll in the Fall Semester classes that they wish to perform in during Spring Showcase. Please speak with the Artistic Director if you have any questions or non-adjustable fall conflicts. Additionally, if a student has
two or more non-emergency absences from class during a Semester, he/she may be removed from a piece (Winter or Spring Showcase) or their role reduced, at the teacher and artistic director’s discretion.



Students are to arrive on time for class. Students arriving severely late, please call the office to let the instructor know your student. In cases of repeated tardiness, parents will be contacted bythe instructor.
Pick your children up immediately after class. Please call the studio to notify the office if you will be late due to an emergency. Please note: if late pick-up is chronic, a fee will be assessed and billed to the parent’s account.
IMPORTANT: If your student is 10 years of age or younger, they must be picked up inside the building by a parent/guardian.
Selah Theatre Project assumes no responsibility for children on the premises before, after, or between their specified class times. Parents and guardians are responsible for arranging proper supervision of their children if it is necessary for them to stay in the building for periods of time before, after, or in between classes. Parents may
want to consider making arrangements with older students or babysitters to ensure supervision of younger students.


Selah Theatre Project sends primary communications via EMAIL. We do not share email addresses with anyone outside of our organization. Important billing information, as well as studio updates, are sent via email. Please check to make sure that we have your correct email address on file.
If classes need to be cancelled for instructor issues, an email will be sent to the entire class accounts no later than 1pm of that day.
In case of Warren County Public Schools cancellations due to weather, classes will be automatically cancelled for Selah Theatre.
Important notifications will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE as well. You are encouraged to Selah Theatre Project as important information is often shared there.


Make-up lessons for cancelled classes during the semester will be scheduled predominately on Saturdays. We will strive to announce make-up dates as soon as possible. Combined-level workshops and master classes may be offered as make-up lessons, with no additional tuition charges for students who have had a technique class


As a part of our efforts to become a paperless facility, Selah Theatre Project sends monthly Backstage Pass emails to all families with information about upcoming events, new developments, and any pertinent information about the studio. We ask that families read these newsletters as they contain helpful calendar reminders, new opportunities for our students, and other important information.


Registration fees ($25/student) are due at the time of registration. Tuition may be paid in full at the time of registration or monthly installments. If paying in installments, payment is due by the 1st of every month during the semester. Payments can be made by exact cash, check, or credit card.
If a student has a financial need, please contact


Full refunds will not be issued after the first week of classes. If you choose to withdraw your student from classes after that date, any payments that have been made to the account may be applied as a credit towards the next semester at the discretion of the Artistic Director. Please notify Artistic Director in writing (email is
sufficient), if you are withdrawing your student from classes. Please note: parents are
responsible for payment on classes that occurred prior to giving notice. Tuition WILL be charged to your account until written notification is received, regardless of the date a student stops attending classes. Registration fees are non-refundable.


Selah Theatre Project strives to provide high-quality theatrical education to all students, regardless of their ability to pay.  A limited number of scholarships and work-study positions are available. Applications are available prior to and during the first week of the semester. Scholarship/Work Study applications are due by the second week of classes. We encourage families to look into these options. Scholarships and work study are awarded on a needs basis. Additionally, a limited amount of Parent Barter Positions (painting, housekeeping, piano tuning) exist. These positions are listed on a yearly basis; for more information, please see the Artistic Director.



Spring Showcase is a fundraiser for Selah Theatre Project. Held on Saturday, June 1st, individual technique classes perform pieces, including Senior solo/group pieces,
as well as composition classes at the discretion of the Artistic Director. As this is our year-end, cumulative performance, attendance during technique classes throughout the year is necessary to develop technical skills. Students are expected to enroll in Fall Semester for the classes that they wish to perform in at Spring Showcase time. Please speak with the Artistic Director if you have any questions or non-adjustable fall conflicts.


Winter Theatre Celebration is our main showcase for our Composition classes and functions as our winter fundraiser. Held on Wednesday, December 12th, this showcase is typically shorter than our Spring Showcase, and features student-led original work. 


Selah Theatre Project looks for outreach performance opportunities on an annual basis! These events often include the Virginia Theatre Association Conference, site-specific improvisational performances, and performance in Winchester, Loudoun County. Please speak with the Artistic Director if you are interested in performance opportunities, or if you know an opportunity for a collaborative performance.


Parents, family members, and guardians are invited to observe the FIRST and LAST classes of the semester. We ask that parents wait in our sitting area while classes are in session during the semester. Young students are encouraged to engage with their instructors and classmates in order to become confident and independent
with as few distractions as possible. Special exceptions may be made. Please speak with one of the directors if you wish to observe any other times.
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