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At Selah Theatre Project, we believe in the transformative power of theatre. Our productions are designed to inspire, entertain, and move you.
Our theatre was built with love by a devoted ‘Theatre Dad’ who made sure every detail was what we needed. After all these years of building, creating, and being an instrumental actor in our company, Theatre Dad simply wants us to get new chairs. Theatre Dad is like a regular dad, just a bit dramatic.
We are seeking to upgrade our seating to make your experience even better and to make Theatre Dad happy! So, join us to fulfill our goal of 40 new chairs . We are hoping to reach that goal for the opening of our Fall 2024 Season.   Each chair purchased can be personalized with a name of your choosing.

Best Value

Theatre Dad Seat Campaign

75 US$


Add to your legacy as an advocate for the arts by purchasing a chair

Válido hasta que se cancele

Name plate on the back of the chair

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